Crypto-Gold and Small Gold Bars

Crypto-Gold and Small Gold Bars

Crypto-Gold and Small Gold Bars

Money affects our daily lives, and is necessary for survival. He who has a little, wants more. Anyone who already has money wants to secure and protect it. But how?

SmallGoldToken SGT is Crypto-Gold and the first asset-backed coin that combines the benefits of cryptocurrency trading with the security of conservative investment.

And it is redeemable for a 1 gram gold bar.

The answer to investors who want the rewards from wading into uncharted waters and the safety of knowing there is a lifeline to help them weather the storm until the rise of the new dominant currencies emerge and stabilize.

Today, the advantage is investing in something that will only gain value. Gold has been known for 2,600 years, and has always been the fall-back asset to stabilize weak economies.

Gold is money.

Gold is and has been globally accepted in more than194 countries for centuries, thus establishing itself as a form of currency.

In today’s modern world, the monetary “value” of printed currency essentially is nothing, it has no backing – meaning it is no longer backed by gold.

Our current world banking system was created when the gold trade began – the gold would be deposited into banks and proof of the deposit was obtained in the form of a receipt in the amount of the deposit. Today SGT and the crypto-gold model has simplified this through the use of cryptocurrency and smart contracts.

Many new investors to the crypto-economy have the regrets of missing out. I know I do. Like the gold rush of old, they are almost willing to get involved at any level. There others who though they are intrigued, resist putting their money in due to the high risk and volatility.

SGT is offering an opportunity, with potential for both investor types. The benefit from these potentials are SGT’s success. The success is its instant stability and it will always be stable. It is unique amongst other gold backed coins in the crypto-economy.

The monetary renaissance is here, folks.

Our solution to these challenges is to merge Crypto with Gold to create a new asset that includes the best of the physical and digital worlds This model can offset each of their weaknesses with the other.

We think of this coin, Small Gold Token – SGT as Crypto-Gold, a redeemable token. SGT as Crypto-Gold transcends the standard functionality of the Dollar, the simple functionality of the Bitcoin and the role of Gold in traditional capital markets.

A SmallGold Crypto-token embodies a unique position with its gold assets as a base.

The coin is setup to achieve its goal by solving the shortcomings of traditional economic systems and gaining a high degree of adoption and liquidity of emerging systems.

By incorporating elements from the models we seek to change, our ecosystem will permit investors to realize their earnings in a way that is safe and secure.

Top reasons to buy Crypto-Gold:

1. Crypto-Gold offers protection against inflation and currency reform. You have both of the best. You have an Asset backed (Gold) cryptocoin and you have access to 999.9% pure gold.
2. Crypto-Gold tokens and bars are global cash.
3. Crypto-Gold in a time of crisis is a stable investment.
4. Crypto-Gold is and will remain unimpaired, as limited resources which are not reproducible.
5. The Global demand for Crypto-Gold, crypto and gold, is higher than its supply.
6. The purchase and sale of investment Crypto-Gold is exempt from third party control.

Gold is security for you and your family. Start protecting your household’s future – sooner is better than later, as the price of gold only increases.

Advantages of the Redeemable Token

Gold bullion in the smallest units will guarantee you …
… obtaining an absolute value.
… profit in the event that anything created as fiat is forfeited.
… profit compared to paper currency, as gold bullion knows no inflation.
… value that will always act in 194 countries around the world.
… a crisis-free investment.
… preservation of value, as gold does not rust and remains beautifully shiny over millennium.


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