The Tokenization of Gold

The Tokenization of Gold

The Blockchain technology enables tokenization of gold.

Investors consider precious metals and cryptocurrencies as substitutes, as the value of both asset classes depends on the level of faith in the national fiat currencies.

However, a few cryptocurrencies backed by gold exist, potentially creating financial ecosystems.

(a complete list of gold-backed cryptocurrencies is here).

The main advantage of gold-backed tokens compared to other cryptocurrencies is that they reduce the exposure to downside risk, as investors can exchange these tokens for gold. Hence, investors should not lose all their money in the case of a market crash, as the value of bullion serves as the floor price (the price of gold-backed cryptocurrency is always at least equal to the spot price of gold). And when compared to investing in physical bullion, gold-backed tokens offer higher comfort of trading.

However, there are also drawbacks. Investors have to pay premiums over the spot gold price in order to cover the companies expenses.

Mitigating The Risk

Addressing counter party risk, all transactions are accompanied by a legally binding international multi signature smart contract minimizing exposure to any financial risk that might exist.

The risk resulting from third-party participation and the usual fact that someone has to store the gold somewhere and promise to exchange tokens for the underlying metal, that risk is removed. The reason, the gold is mined from our own mines. We do the refining and minting. When redeemed, the gold is shipped by trusted and insured courier, like FedEx. And we are completely transparent about it.

The Bottom Line Is, tokenization of gold is on the rise.

This is good news for the precious metals market, as it will increase demand for gold. And the whole idea of gold-backed tokens is fascinating, it will revolutionize gold trading .

Although there are some synergies, the marriage between cryptocurrencies and precious metals will not be quick and easy.

Some doubts remain: cryptocurrencies are decentralized, while gold must be stored by some central authority.

And why should investors buy gold-backed cryptocurrencies and pay a premium, just to have tokens convertible to gold for a fixed weight of Gold.

One answer is that Small Gold Tokens are convertible to the one gram it represented at the time of purchase when they are exchanged regardless of the spot price.

Another consideration is the trading capability of the coin itself. Cryptocurrency is recording increasing levels of market cap percentage of global trade daily and our Small Gold Token is created on the Ethereum blockchain lending itself to inherent capabilities.

Take a good look at the information that is available on such websites as coinmarketcap.

Why Are We Doing This?

The purpose of SmallGold Token is to sell gold bullion straight from Company’s associated mines to you in a private secured way.

The sale of this Gold funds the Pre-ICO of GlobalGoldConcerns – GGC, a Gold and Asset backed Cyrptocurrency.

Our expanding acquisition of gold comes through our reclamation of poisonous gold mine tailing sites.

Gold Mine Reclamation


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