China Begins Resetting The World’s Reserve Currency System – Crude Oil for Gold

By  on September 6, 2017

China Begins Resetting The World's Reserve Currency System

China Begins Resetting The World’s Reserve Currency System


It is a strategic move swapping Crude Oil for Gold, rather than for US Treasuries, which can be printed at will.

A report released by the Nikkei Asian Review indicates that China is prepared to release a RMB Yuan denominated Crude Oil futures contract that is convertible, aka backed by physical Gold.

The contract will enable China’s largest Crude Oil suppliers to settle Crude Oil sales in RMB Yuan, rather than in USDs, and then convert the RMB Yuan into Gold on exchanges in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

This is a significant step in removing the global reserve currency status of USD, and resetting the global economic and geopolitical “landscape.”

Over the past several years, China has quietly established RMB Yuan-based currency exchange facilities, which has set up the ability to implement this new non-USD trade settlement financial instrument.

According to the Brookings Institute, 34 Central Banks around the world have signed bi-lateral local currency swap agreements with the PBOC (Peoples Bank of China) as of the end of September 2016, including the major Crude Oil-producing countries.

With this new contract, China’s largest Crude Oil suppliers will now be able to transact directly with China, and other Crude Oil importing countries, using RMB Yuan which are directly convertible into Gold to settle the trade.

This is a mechanism which is likely to appeal to Crude Oil producers that prefer to avoid using USDs, and are not ready to accept that being paid in RMB Yuan for Crude Oil sales to China is a good idea yet.

Since Y 1973, OPEC Crude Oil has been quoted and traded using USDs, otherwise known as “Petrodollars.”

The “recycling” of petrodollars into US Treasuries has been the life-blood of the US economic and political system. In addition to reducing a major source of funding for the US Government’s enormous deficit spending, the introduction of a Gold-backed RMB Yuan Crude Oil futures contract is an important step toward removing the USD as the world’s reserve currency.

More significantly it re-introduces Gold into the global monetary system.

As the new Gold-backed “Petroyuan” will allow Crude Oil producers to sell Crude Oil for Gold rather than US Treasuries.

Furthermore, it reduces the ability of the US Government to impose its will on the rest of the world. And is a strategic step toward not only ridding the world of its dependence on USDs.

And it also reduced the ability of the US to exert global economic and financially tyranny.

I would also argue that it is 1 of the primary reasons behind the inability of the Western Central Banks to drive the price of Gold lower recently. And they have tried, and tried, and tried.

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What is a Cryptocurrency’s intrinsic value?

Does Cryptocurrency have an intrinsic value?There has been one big issue with these new cryptocurrencies since their beginning and subsequent expanding distribution. How are they valued? Do they hold any intrinsic value whatsoever?

Of course that is not the only issue surrounding them but it is certainly one of the biggest questions asked and also one of the most important ones to reach an understanding about especially if you are thinking about buying into these types of currencies. 

A cryptocurrency only has value in its exchange – it has no inherent value – this is precisely the same as with a ‘conventional’ currency. A dollar is only actually worth what someone is willing to give you in exchange for that dollar.

If everyone were to stop accepting the dollar it would become worthless instantly. This is precisely how the financial market works, if globally the dollar becomes viewed as a bad investment it will ultimately collapse.

Cryptocurrency, just like the dollar, is only worth what someone will exchange for it. There is no Federal Reserve to issue new digital currency, theoretically making it more stable. Bitcoin for example, releases more of its cryptocurrency each year but the exact amount decreases proportionally year after year. The Federal Reserve, however, issues dollars in a reactionary fashion whenever it so chooses. Therefore, the more businesses and people that accept a form of a cryptocurrency – the more stable it will become.

In conclusion you could say that this questions has two answers. One view is that because cryptocurrencies in general are not tied to any physical commodity or other institution giving it a value it can not have any intrinsic value. At the same time the opposite can be argued that actually because it is not tied to any person, organization, country or regulation that can control it, it therefore has an intrinsic value in its ability to avoid being controlled.

I have included a youtube 5 minutes long video “The real value of bitcoin and cryptocurrency technology – The Blockchain explained“ that will explain bitcoin and cryptocurrency in five minutes. In 5 minute this video will demonstrate how blockchain technology will drastically change our lives.